Voyer Roadmap as at 13th Feb 2017

I think this is as good a place as any to publish the roadmap for Voyer, Valley Software’s UWP 4chan app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Usual disclaimer; this roadmap is subject to change based on requests, time to name but two of many possible pressures.  It is not a guarantee or promise.

Currently in development V2.1.6.  Expected release date is February 18th 2017.

  • DONE: Updated Store Logo (it wasn’t replaced automatically)
  • DONE: it’s “4chan” not “4Chan”.
  • DONE: White Theme text not showing in POSTVIEW.
  • DONE: Add beta “vichan” support (URL replacement) using same API.
  • DONE: Added error handling around API connection.
  • DONE: Added message display in header for errors or other messages.
  • DONE: Removed zoom and pan Images from Post View.
  • DONE: Added Swipe next/previous image navigation back to Post View.
  • DONE: Added new Full Screen Image View with no header or text.
  • DONE: Added Zoom and Pan image an GIF to Full Screen Image View.
  • DONE: Changed double click/tap in Post View to navigate to full screen view.
  • DONE: Standardised Save code.
  • DONE: Added Popup Message to confirm Save is completed.
  • DONE: Added Footer that looks and works just like the Post View to Full Screen Image View, but this one shows only image posts, not all posts.
  • DONE: Make Next and Previous on Full Screen Image View only do Image Posts, not All…
  • TODO: Image Grid for Thread
  • TODO: Improve the post view text support
  • TODO: Make NSFW more obvious
  • TODO: Scroll bars not always clickable (report)
  • TODO: Add “On First Load” dialog saying hi, how to use and how to toggle NSFW boards (required due to store regulations)

Version 2.1.7 plan (late February 2017)

  • TODO: Follow post ID links in posts.  Either navigate to or preview.
  • TODO: ‘More’ option for comments in post list.
  • TODO: Add a speed slider for basic WEBM playback control until full fix is available.
  • TODO: Limit Thumbnail height to 150px in Post List.

Version 2.1.8 plan (early March 2017)

  • TODO: Add Search
  • TODO: Improve Error Handling
  • TODO: Add Share code for Posts (and threads).
  • TODO: Add Thread Favourites
  • TODO: Add Post Favourites
  • TODO: Add Clear option for Thread and Post Favourites.


Features and suggestions being investigated but not currently included in a planned release.

  • TODO: Preload Images
  • TODO: Show local price next to donation options for clearer choice
  • TODO: Look into allowing anonymous posting to 4chan from within Voyer.
  • TODO: Test on Xbox One.  It should already work but want to test before publishing.
  • TODO: Test in Holographic.  It should already work but need testing.

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