Voyer 2.3.2 submitted to store today.

Don’t let the small version number change or short list of changes fool you, there is lots to love in this new version!

Following feedback I’ve focused on two primary requests:

  1. Jump-To-Post.  You can now click on a post number being replied to and Voyer will either scroll to it if in the post list, or change to it (complete with back navigation) if you are in the single post view.
  2. Show replies.  Now when you view a post in the post list, you can drop down an automatic list of all the replies to that post in the thread.  There’s something you can’t do in the 4chan web site!

Both are shown in the following pair of screen shots (light theme, red accent, for a change of pace).


It’s in the submission stage now with Microsoft, so all things going well it should start showing up in your app store and updates in the next 48 hours.

As always, I love your feedback and suggestions!  Keep them coming.

Valley Software.