Month: June 2017

Simple PoS – Feature complete.

We may not have hit the target of release by the end of June, but we have got there in spirit at least. Simple PoS is, as of the 30th June 2017, feature complete! What does that mean?  That means that all the Version 1 scope of functionality (yes, there are plans for even more…

Simple PoS update

Hi there, With Simple PoS almost ready for release; we are slightly behind schedule and rather than cut corners we are delaying the release from June to July 2017. Rob Valley Software.

In the Lab: Voyer (downloads and more)

Currently completed for the next release of Voyer: UI: Green Text: as requested Green Text is an integral part of 4chan, so I have finished setting the colour coding in comment text as appropriate. Fixed issue where if a thread doesn’t load, it might not refresh either. Now it can tell there was an issue and…