Voyer – FFMPEG

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog, but we have been busy behind the scenes;

We’ve been experimenting with Microsoft’s AI suite, and coming up with some cool new ideas, some of which have been trialed in beta.  More on these soon.

Also, we’ve been making consistent improvements to Simple PoS.  Our new thermal printer is on it’s way; which will allow us to test the new Thermal Printing (docket printer) option in Simple PoS ready to be released to the production version.

Finally;  I’ve just finished adding in the new FFMPEG CODECS for Voyer.  The previous version was getting a little long in the tooth and I had noticed more videos that it couldn’t decode.  I do full local recompiles of FFMPEG, which is touchy to say the least and not a job I look forward to but very valuable to do every 6 months or so.  There are components I could use rather than do this onerous task myself but most lack ARM capability or other features I want.  Thus I do it the old fashioned way.

And as an Australian; welcome to spring!


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