Back to the Rebellion

I joined the Nerd Fitness Rebellion years back, before I started Valley Software.

In fact, it formed part of the driving change in me that brought about Valley Software to build a new life for myself.

It’s fair to say I fell off the wagon here, but the rebellion is for life, so here I come.

I found myself in a hole, even with Valley Software building nicely I had become a bit stuck and stressed. Rudderless even.

This brought me to re-start the Nerd Fitness audio book that helped me so much the first time. It has all come flooding back like a bucket of menthol to the face.

I kept updating my progress as I ticked things off my list from 18 months ago (Yay!) but I realise now I had stopped adding new quests. Stopped adding the step progress goals that make up the large goals.

That changes again today. In keeping with the Star Wars theme, today is the start of The Last Jedi; I will re focus, and re-awaken. The spark that’ll light the fire.