Kanban Ink

Build powerful task lists in Kanban style with built in white-boarding with Kanban Ink.

My favourite place to plan is a whiteboard. However I found I ended up with photos of whiteboards in my camera roll, but not much of this in my tasks. Things weren’t easily found. I couldn’t go back and edit the whiteboards as things changed.

So I created Kanban Ink to bridge this gap by using Windows Ink to insert the whiteboard digitally into the task list, available across all my Windows 10 devices thanks to (optional) cloud sync.

We use colour to replicate the ‘post it’ note style and assisting focus with the ability to open a single task, along with its ink, full screen.

This is just the start for Kanban Ink, so try it now for free from the Microsoft Store to help guide the future of this concept.