Handwriting Practice for Kids

Handwriting Practice for Kids is a new app to help your children learn to write.

I made this specifically for my son.

He is 5 and learning to write for the first time. Keeping him interested in practicing was proving a little challenging so I combined it with something he loves; using my laptop.

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Now, using the touch screen with a pen (or finger) he practices his name daily plus more words of our choosing.

This app allows you to simply add any words you like to practice with, and using an Emoji to help with recognition your child can do their practices at their leisure and the are also all recorded to see progress. (with option to backup to OneDrive)

Also, if you have speech pack installed Handwriting Practice for Kids will read the word out loud; again helping with recognition and comprehension.

* Simple, child friendly interface.
* 7 day free trial.
* No advertising or up-sell in app.
* Records kept of each practice.
* OneDrive backup.
* Speech to help comprehension and association.
* Use together or independently.
* Emoji’s to help independent use.

I hope this app can help your family like It has mine. Available now for Windows 10.

Valley Software.