Punt for Product Hunt is under active development.

Use this page to see known issues but also the road map of feature additions and updates.

Please note; this road map is subject to change and is a guide only.

Latest Release V1.00.03 (Available to all Windows 10 versions):

  • Add Link to this Roadmap in the sidebar.
  • Pull to refresh post list. 
  • Remove the Load More button and have the list page automatically.  
  • Show the Version Number.
  • Fix for Current Media not always being remembered
  • Fix for Current Post not always being remembered when Back pressed

Features expected in next release V1.00.04 (Creators Update and Newer Only):

  • Toggle Post List order (most recent / newest, etc.) [Complete]
  • Select Date for Post List. [Complete]
  • Add Animated Transitions. [Complete]
  • Make Header Transparent Acrylic. [Complete]
  • Make Hamburger Overlay Acrylic. [Complete]
  • App Backgrounds Acrylic. [Complete]
  • Move User profile into Post List header for better space use on Mobile. [Complete]

Features expected in subsequent releases:

  • Share Option for Posts.
  • Settings Page
  • Topics List.
  • Browse Posts for Topic.
  • Platforms info for posts.
  • Live Tile

Features under consideration:

  • MP3 media.
  • Product Search (dependent on Product Hunt API)
  • Daily notifications.

Ideas Not currently under consideration due to Product unit rules (Both these are prohibited by Product Hunt):

  • Vote
  • Comment