Punt Roadmap and Known Issues

Punt for Product Hunt is under active development.

Use this page to see known issues but also the road map of feature additions and updates.

Please note; this road map is subject to change and is a guide only.

Latest Release V1.00.03 (Available to all Windows 10 versions):

  • Add Link to this Roadmap in the sidebar.
  • Pull to refresh post list. 
  • Remove the Load More button and have the list page automatically.  
  • Show the Version Number.
  • Fix for Current Media not always being remembered
  • Fix for Current Post not always being remembered when Back pressed

Features expected in next release V1.00.04 (Creators Update and Newer Only):

  • Toggle Post List order (most recent / newest, etc.) [Complete]
  • Select Date for Post List. [Complete]
  • Add Animated Transitions. [Complete]
  • Make Header Transparent Acrylic. [Complete]
  • Make Hamburger Overlay Acrylic. [Complete]
  • App Backgrounds Acrylic. [Complete]
  • Move User profile into Post List header for better space use on Mobile. [Complete]

Features expected in subsequent releases:

  • Share Option for Posts.
  • Settings Page
  • Topics List.
  • Browse Posts for Topic.
  • Platforms info for posts.
  • Live Tile

Features under consideration:

  • MP3 media.
  • Product Search (dependent on Product Hunt API)
  • Daily notifications.

Ideas Not currently under consideration due to Product unit rules (Both these are prohibited by Product Hunt):

  • Vote
  • Comment