Simple PoS

Fast, Easy and available anywhere. That’s how your Point of Sale system should be, for every small business!

So take a free trial (100 transactions, no sign up required!) of Simple PoS by Valley Software.

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Simple PoS is designed for Windows 10, using the power of Microsoft Azure Cloud for secure access on any Windows 10 computer or Mobile from anywhere.

Utilising either touch or Mouse and Keyboard you can turn almost any tablet, laptop or desktop into a self contained, efficient point of sale system.


  • Powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud, log in to your data from any Windows 10 PC or Phone.
  • Easily add items that you sell, their standard price & tax, and an image (optional) then you’re in business.
  • You can setup staff members (which is logged against all transactions) and even save details of your customers if you wish.
  • Once entered, transactions are still visible (you can even re-print the invoices) but not editable, so you can keep a safe record of your sale history.
  • Sale Items have 3 selectable sizes to best accommodate your business needs.
  • Change the prices for individual sales without affecting the standard price.

So why Point of Sale?

We built Simple PoS because we believe in small and micro business.  We believe that Point of Sale should be with you where ever you go.  We believe that Point of Sale should not require a large outlay.  We believe you would rather get on with being awesome to your customers, not signing contracts and maintenance agreements with software vendors.

So we built Simple PoS with Simplicity at it’s heart in every decision.  From a no fuss free trial, to a simple interface, to a one click purchase using the App Store you are already using and connected to.

Let Simple PoS help your business be awesome.

Try it now for free with the Windows App Store

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Unfortunately; Simple PoS has been discontinued.